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Are you a travel agent?

Take a chance and plan a tour during the sweetest event of the year.


Sciocola' – Festival of Chocolate, taking place from October 29th to November 1st, is returning to the beating heart of the city of Modena. Chocolatiers, artisans and chefs will make us taste and discover everything there is to know about chocolate, with delicious tastings and spectacular shows.


Modena is a place filled with history and long lasting traditions which combine art, food and cars. Therefore, planning tours in the stunning Modena area offers options for all.


Cartoline da Modena (Postcards from Modena) gives the adhering travel agencies the opportunity to organise a tour to discover the wonderful Este’s city and a visit to Sciocola’. Tourists will be greeted by the best chocolatiers as well as events and shows suitable for all ages.


Any travel agency can adhere to the project Cartoline da Modena (Postcards from Modena). In order to be eligible to participate, it is required for travel agencies to draft a tour for one (or more) of the days of the festival: 


  • Friday, 29th October

  • Saturday, 30th October

  • Sunday, 31st October

  • Monday, 1st November


The initiative is aimed at the first 30 tourist agencies - from different cities, - who will send their finalised package: territorial exclusivity will be given based on the order of arrival. The initiative we are proposing to travel agencies is free, although is a great opportunity to gain visibility as the tour packages will be listed on the official website of the event, in a dedicated area. By clicking on the region of origin, the user will be able to find the closest travel agencies, with all their contact details.


How to partecipate

Travel agencies wishing to adhere to the initiative will have to deliver their tour package by June 30th, 2021. The material will have to be emailed to: and indicate in the subject: CARTOLINE DA MODENA - AGENCY’S NAME - CITY - CHOSEN DAY.


For all touristy information:  


VisitModena: for touristy information related to Modena city


Email: – Phone: 059.2032660


Modenatour: for support in organising tour packages

Email: – Tel: 059.220022

DOWNLOAD THE PARTICIPATION FORM (only available in Italian)

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