SCIOCOLA’, The Chocolate Festival in Modena, from November 1st to 4th, 2018.


Sciocola’, a big Festival dedicated to the food of the Gods, Chocolate, will be staging soon in the beating heart of the Este town.

Maîtres chocolatiers and pastry chefs from Italy and beyond will let us taste and appreciate chocolate in all of its sweet varieties. Dark and milk, white and flavored, different shapes and tastes, applied into many innovative combinations: it is going to be a real chocolate discovery challenge.

Sciocola’ is going to be a cultural and food Festival of nationwide interest, featuring a multifaceted program including tastings, cooking demonstrations, talk shows, etc., and educational events both for adults and children (exhibitions, conferences, guided tours, workshops etc.).

A wonderful background to these four chocolate dedicated days will be Via Emilia Centro, the absolute soul of this Este town. For Modena – one of the main towns of Motor and Food Valley, full of culture and food tradition – Sciocola’ will be a new attraction for all foodlovers who want to discover, taste and appreciate the real handmade chocolate and all connected Festival initiatives.