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Chocolatiers from all over Italy can seize an unmissable opportunity: take part in Sciocola' - The Chocolate Festival as vendors and sell their delicious products. 

Sciocola’ will be an extremely impactful gastronomic and cultural event. Its winning formula consists in knowing how to combine the offer of the best chocolate production, through exclusively professional vendors from all over Italy. In addition, a rich program of initiatives with a strong media impact is planned throughout the days of the festivals, including food tastings, workshops, exhibitions, live performances and show cooking.


If you want to become a vendor and the main attraction of the festival, contact us via email at 

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Companies are encouraged to decide the event(s) they would like to sponsor from the vast program offered by Sciocola’. The array of events and appointments on Sciocola’s schedule allows companies to find the perfect match to associate their brand and image with, in order to target the correct audience. Sciocola’s plethora of appointments spaces from musical shows and outdoor activities aimed at a more general public; gastronomic itineraries and exhibitions aimed at an audience of connoisseurs and enthusiasts; workshops and activities for children. In regards to visibility and mediatic presence, the COMPANY LOGO will be guaranteed a spot in a dedicated section of any sponsored appointment.


If you’re interested in joining us at Sciocola’ - Chocolate Festival, contact us via email at

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Are you a street artist? Perform in front of hundreds of visitors during Sciocola’ - The Chocolate Festival in Modena. 


From October 29th to November 1st, there will be a multitude of street artists taking the “stage” through Via Emilia, to transform the most iconic and historical locations of Modena.  


Disclaimer: in order to perform any artists needs to have written authorisation from the festival organiser. 


If you’re interested in joining us at Sciocola’ - Chocolate Festival, contact us via email at

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